Wediko children's services

Wediko Children’s Services is the new Community School Partner at Cobble Hill.  

Wediko NY believes that authentic and meaningful relationships with students, school staff, and families are the cornerstone to children achieving successful growth and change in and beyond the classroom. Wediko helps schools develop an inclusive community that is safe and supportive of all students and their families.  

Wediko’s Community School Model is to help schools become more than the sum of their individual parts; with integrated academic, social-emotional, and health services, kids get what they need to be successful. Wediko works with the Cobble Hill school leadership and community partners to establish goals, identify and measure outcomes, and develop strategies for effective programming. 

Services: The Wediko team at Cobble Hill has been working to develop sustainable, multi-tiered supports for student success.  This includes a range of school-based mental health services for students, staff, and families. These services include:  

  • Individual counseling 
  • Behavior interventions 
  • Small group counseling, including Living with Loss grief support groups 
  • Monthly classroom-based social and emotional skill-building sessions, using Restorative Circles in all AVID classes 
  • Providing a series of Professional Development workshops for school staff on Developing a Trauma-Informed School Environment 
  • Developing a collbarative, multi-disciplinary team of wellness professionals (Guidance Counselors, Social Workers, Nurse, Substance Abuse Counselor, Mental Health Consultant, etc) to best address students’ needs 
  • Partner with the school’s attendance team to provide deeper outreach, home visits, and create a Mentoring for Success program for chronically absent students 
  • Support and strengthen school-wide efforts at culture building and parent engagement 

Our Team:  

  • Full-Time Community School Director 
  • Full-Time Advocate Counselor: Bukky Adebayo 
  • Part-Time Bilingual Consulting Social Worker: Julie Jimenez 
  • Part-Time Bilingual Clinician: Celinee Marte 
  • Social Work Intern: Catherine White 
  • Data and Evaluation Specialist: Veronica Smith 
  • Wediko Assistant Director/Supervising Social Worker: Liora Schwartz 


The Wediko team can be reached in Room/Extension 307, or via email: