How can I obtain an application to The Cobble Hill School of American Studies?

The high school application is made through the New York City Department of Education High School Admission process. If you are a student currently attending 8th grade in a New York City public school, you will receive an application from your middle school counselor.

If you are a 9th grade NYC public school student interested in applying to 10th grade, you may request an application from your current high school guidance counselor. If you are an NYC public school student in 10th grade or above, please contact your current high school guidance counselor about your interest in transferring.

If you are new to the New York City public school system, please contact your Borough Enrollment Office for information on how to apply. You can find your Borough Enrollment Office by calling 311 (from outside New York City, call 212-NEW-YORK) and giving the operator your address and child's age.


What are the Admissions Codes for The Cobble Hill School of American Studies?

Please code your application either using our Biomedical Science Admissions code (K19A) and/or Legal Studies Admissions Code (K19B)


When is the deadline for applications?

The deadline set by the Office of Student Enrollment is in early December, but please check with your school's guidance counselor for the application deadline for your school.


Can students who live outside of Brooklyn apply?

Yes, but we give first priority to students who live or attend school in Brooklyn, then to students who live or attend school in the rest of New York City.


What is the selection criteria for admission to The Cobble Hill School of American Studies?

The Cobble Hill School of American Studies is an educational option school. Designed to serve a wide range of academic performers, Ed Opt schools use the English Language Arts (ELA) state test scores from 7th grade and identify the top 16% of scores, the middle 68%, and the lowest 16%. Half of the students who gain admission to an Ed Opt school will be matched based on their rank of that school, while the other half will be selected randomly.


Are there any specific admission priorities to consider?

In addition to Brooklyn students or residents, priority will be given to students who are eligible for Free or Reduced Price Lunch (based on family income) for up to 50% of seats.


What if I have more than 10 combined absences or tardies?

We will take medical issues and family crises into consideration. Please make sure the counselor at your school has proper documentation (i.e. doctor's note) for your absences or tardies before you submit your application.


Do I need to take an entrance examination?

No. We are not a testing school.


Do I need to make an appointment for an interview?

We will not be conducting interviews this year.


Should I submit a teacher recommendation?

No. We do not accept teacher recommendations.


May I visit the school before listing The Cobble Hill School of American Studies on my application?

Yes! We welcome students applying to 9th grade to visit one of our fall virtual open houses (click the link to see the flyer).



How do I register for a tour?

We will not be conducting physical tours during this admissions cycle.


How can get I get more information on The Cobble Hill School of American Studies?

Visit our website! You can find information on our mission, faculty, curriculum, after school programs, and much more. Please check all of our drop-down menus.


If you need assistance with a particular page or document on our current site, please contact Principal Anna Maria Mulé at amule@schools.nyc.gov to request assistance.